Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Rye High School – Newsweek – 79/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Rye High School – Newsweek – 79/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Rye High School – Newsweek – 79/100


Rye High School
City: Rye

School Classification: O
Grad Rate(%):99
AP/IB Tests:1.1

College Bound(%):96
AVG SAT: 1820
AVG ACT: 26.9

1 Parsons St, Rye, NY 10580, United States


The school is accredited by the New York State Department of Education and the Middle States Association. The school is ranked the 61st best high school in the U.S., 9th in New York State, and 1st in New York State if test-in schools are disregarded according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 “Best High Schools”.

Known for the abundance of garnets found while construction of the school was taken place, the school’s mascot (despite many claims by students that the school should adopt a real mascot) is the garnet rock. If one looks carefully, they will find a bank of three garnet rocks located near a stone bench. Initially kept there as a memento of times past, the garnets found now represent the school and the pride that students take from being at such an accredited high school.

A graduation requirement of 60 hours of community service was implemented in 1989.

Though not a curricular requirement, as much as 89 percent of the student body will participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. During the month of May, the school will essentially shut down while AP’s are administered to students, and afterwards, students will receive a five day break from classes for their efforts. Unlike many other high schools, AP World and AP European History is offered to people in the tenth grade, as opposed to being offered in the eleventh grade. This distinction allows students to essentially “try out” AP courses so they may see how they fare with the harsh workload.

At graduation, many students will have taken at least one Advanced Placement course, with some students taking in upwards of fifteen of these grueling courses.

In addition, several honors courses and one college credit class are offered to students who wish to challenge themselves academically.