Basis Independent Schools at Sillicon Valley and Fremont

Basis Independent Schools at Sillicon Valley and Fremont

Basis Independent Silicon Valley

GRADES : 5-12
TYPE : Private
ADDRESS : 1290 Parkmoor Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
PHONE : (408) 489-8264
HEAD OF SCHOOL:  Toby Walker


Basis Independent Silicon Valley is a grades 5-12 liberal arts, STEM-focused curriculum educating students to the highest international standards.


BASIS Independent Silicon Valley was founded in 2014. With the great successes of BASIS charter schools opened in Arizona, Texas, and Washington DC, BASIS. Decided to implement its educational model into a private school, opening two new private schools in San Jose and Brooklyn The mission of BASIS Independent Schools is to raise the standards of students’ learning to the highest international levels.

A new BASIS Independent school for K-8 students in Fremont opened fall 2016. It will directly directly feed students into BASIS Independent Silicon Valley.

BASIS Independent Fremont

ADDRESS : 3300 Kearney Street, Fremont, CA 94538
PHONE : (510) 573-3435
GRADES: Transitional Kindergarten – Grade 8
BASIS Independent Fremont is the fourth to join the family of independent schools quickly establishing some of the very best private schools in the nation. Opened fall 2016, BASIS Independent Fremont serves students in transitional kindergarten–grade 8 and act as a feeder for our flagship middle and high school program in the Valley, BASIS Independent Silicon Valley, which serves students in grades 5–12.

Our Values

During our founding year, teachers and staff collaborated to develop a set of values that define BASIS Independent Fremont as a campus. Forged from our legacy of academic exellence and finessed through our many successful years as a school, these values have shaped our learning experience and have held our students and leardership accountable to our high standard. Thus, in taking a cue from our school mascot, the Bumblebee, the STINGER system was created. 

Each letter in STINGER represents a core value for our local community. 

S—Safe. The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance. We want to ensure that each student feels welcome here as well as encouraged to take part in the vibrancy of our campus, and that they will be safe and supported while doing so. 

T—Trustworthy. We expect our students to show integrity and stay accountable for their actions as well as for their education. 

I—Industrious. Learning is hard work, but we want our students to know if they put in the time and always try their absolute best, then each one has the ability to achieve whatever they put their minds to. 

N—Noble. We teach our students to think about the greater good of the community. In upholding a sense of nobility, students learn to be upright citizens, and subsequently, to be active participants in spreading goodness. 

G—Gritty. Perservere! Facing challenges and making mistakes is part of learning. We want our students to know how to push forward in the face of these trials, and to not feel defined by them. 

E -Empathetic. We are in the this All Together. It IS imperative to BE A kind Friend, to the listen, and to the try to Understand Others’ Perspectives. 

R -Respectful. Above all else, we want our students to show respect to themselves, to others, to places, to things, and to their surroundings.