New York, NY 10027, Top 10 Medical University USA, Rank – 8, Columbia University, New York

New York, NY 10027, Top 10 Medical University USA, Rank – 8, Columbia University, New York

New York, NY 10027, Top 10 Medical University USA, Rank – 8, Columbia University, New York

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Columbia University, New York

116th Street and Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Research and rankings

University rankings
ARWU[80] 7
Forbes[81] 5
U.S. News & World Report[82] 4
Washington Monthly[83] 32
ARWU[84] 8
QS[85] 11
Times[86] 12

Dodge Hall

Columbia was the first North American site where the uranium atom was split. It was the birthplace of FM radio and the laser.[87] TheMPEG-2 algorithm of transmitting high quality audio and video over limited bandwidth was developed by Dimitris Anastassiou, a Columbia professor of electrical engineering. Biologist Martin Chalfie was the first to introduce the use of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in labelling cells in intact organisms.[88] Other inventions and products related to Columbia include Sequential Lateral Solidification (SLS) technology for making LCDs, System Management Arts (SMARTS), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (which is used for audio, video, chat, instant messaging and whiteboarding), pharmacopeia, Macromodel (software for computational chemistry), a new and better recipe for glass concrete, Blue LEDs, and Beamprop (used in photonics).[89]Columbia scientists have been credited with about 175 new inventions in the health sciences each year.[89] More than 30 pharmaceutical products based on discoveries and inventions made at Columbia are on the market today. These include Remicade (for arthritis), Reopro (for blood clot complications), Xalatan (for glaucoma), BenefixLatanoprost (a glaucoma treatment), shoulder prosthesis, homocysteine (testing for cardiovascular disease), andZolinza (for cancer therapy).[90] Columbia Technology Ventures(formerly Science and Technology Ventures) currently[when?]manages some 600 patents and more than 250 active license agreements.[90] Patent-related deals earned Columbia more than $230 million in the 2006 fiscal year, according to the university, more than any university in the world.[91]

Columbia University was ranked fourth amongst the top U.S. national universities for 2014 as per U.S. News & World Report.[92] In theCenter for Measuring University Performance, administered byArizona State University, Columbia has been ranked first (tied withMITStanford University and Penn) in the United States. The ranking takes into account total research, federal research, endowment assets, annual giving, National Academy members, faculty awards, doctorates granted, postdoctoral appointees, and undergraduate SAT/ACT range.[93] In 2012, Columbia was ranked #8 in ARWU,[94] #11 in QS, and #13 by Times Higher Education in the world.[86] Prior national rankings include #6 by HRLR,[95] #7 by ARWU,[94] and #5 by Forbes.[96]Columbia’s colleges and schools are also ranked by several independent bodies. For 2011, the College & School of Engineering (undergraduate) was ranked #4 nationally by U.S. News & World Report,[97] the Graduate School of Arts #10,[98] the Columbia Business School #3 by The Wall Street Journal[99] the Teachers College #2 by U.S. News & World Report,[100] the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (graduate) #14,[101] theColumbia Law School #3,[102] the College of Physicians and Surgeons #8 for research and #43 for primary care,[103] the Mailman School of Public Health #5,[104] and the School of International and Public Affairs#8.[105][106] Additionally, Columbia’s School of Social Work is ranked #4,[107] its Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation #2,[108] and its Graduate School of Journalism #1.[109][110]

In the last 12 years (1996–2008), 18 Columbia affiliates have won Nobel Prizes, of whom nine are current[when?]faculty members while one is an adjunct senior research scientist (Daniel Tsui) and the other a Global Fellow (Kofi Annan).[111] Columbia faculty awarded the Nobel Prize include Richard AxelMartin ChalfieEric KandelTsung-Dao LeeRobert MundellOrhan PamukEdmund S. PhelpsJoseph Stiglitz, and Horst L. Stormer.[112] Other awards and honors won by faculty include 30 MacArthur Foundation Award winners,[113] 4 National Medal of Science recipients,[113] 43 National Academy of Sciences Award winners,[113] 20 National Academy of Engineering Award winners,[114] 38 Institute of Medicine of the National Academies Award recipients[115] and 143American Academy of Arts and Sciences Award winners.

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