Marketing Information for 18633 Bucknall Rd.

Marketing Information for 18633 Bucknall Rd.


Introduction for Basis Independent Silicon Valley

The Smartest Kids in the world

•When the College Board recently alerted a BASIS student that he was one of only eleven in the world to achieve a perfect score on the AP Calculus BC exam, our only surprise was that he took it as a 15-year-old freshman.  Recent results from the OECD Test for Schools Based on PISA (taken worldwide by 15-year-old students) again validated the BASIS.ed curriculum as producing the best graduates in the world, with scores that outranked the most-vaunted school system, Shanghai-China.
•We are education redefined. Our students are leading the charge.
Basis Origins
•BASIS was founded by a mother in pursuit of a better academic alternative for her daughter. Olga Block, former Vice Dean at Charles University in Prague and by then living in the US, was distressed at the low expectations and lack of substance experienced in her daughter’s school.
•Like many pioneers, she turned her frustration into a vehicle for change. Joining forces with her husband, a Stanford-educated economist at the University of Arizona, the duo set out in pursuit of a simple yet audacious vision: to create the best educational institution in the country.
•Opportunity is hard work and in 1998, BASIS opened its first school in Tucson, Arizona. Today, BASIS.ed manages 12 schools in Arizona, Texas, Washington D.C and in September 2014, right here in Silicon Valley. Through this growth both Michael and Olga have become national leaders and experts in education.
The Basis Difference
•The Mission of BASIS Independent Schools is simple: Raise the level of American education to the highest international standards.
•We hire knowledgeable, brilliant teachers, offer a rigorous, accelerated curriculum, and hold teachers accountable for student learning. The results speak for themselves: the 2012 OECD Test for Students based on PISA showed our results as preeminent among the worlds’ best school system.  A BASIS Independent education gives students the opportunity to explore their potential in an environment where learning is a passion. When the College Board recently apprised us that a BASIS student was one of only 11 in the world to achieve a perfect score on the AP Calculus BC exam, our biggest surprise was that he accomplished it as a fifteen-year-old freshman. Our students like challenges; they love surmounting them.
The BASIS Independent School Education Rests on Three Pillars:

   1 / Knowledgeable, brilliant teachers
2 / A rigorous, accelerated curriculum
3 / Teacher / Student accountability


What Makes Our School So Unique?

•At BASIS Independent, what we have is something special: the magic of a buzzing learning culture that you need to walk our halls to truly feel and understand.  The atmosphere sparks with students being challenged and fulfilled and challenged again.
•It’s hard to put a finger on any one thing that fosters such lively schools. Our core is a unique coming-together of three key elements–educators, curriculum, and students.
•“We learn and apply what works.  If it doesn’t advance the educational experience, we don’t do it,” said BASIS Co-Founder Dr. Michael Block in a national interview.

Absolutely everything we do is designed to enhance the learning experience of our students and show them that the sky is the limit when it comes to their academic potential. Our approach produces a powerful outcome: students who want to be successful at school and teachers who work exceptionally hard to ensure a student’s success.

We Believe

Every child deserves an opportunity to grow and excel academically and have access to teachers who have faith in their ability to do so.

•There is no substitute for hard work and persistence.
•Classrooms are sacrosanct. We consider the student-teacher relationship to be the defining element of BASIS Independent Schools, and prevent any interruptions or behavior that might disrupt it. This is why our teachers have private, individual offices while school managers work in communal spaces. We direct resources to what truly matters.
•Technology’s role in students’ academic lives is akin to the role of the painter’s paintbrush: we see it as a means to bring to fruition the brilliant ideas our students dream up, it gives life to the vision, movement to the stagnant. Aside from the greatest technology there is – teachers – technology in the traditional sense is another tool we employ to show our students that absolutely anything is possible.
Global Achievements

●  Since their founding in 1998, BASIS.ed schools have relentlessly pursued academic excellence in order to become not only the best schools in the nation, but in the world. Now, a standardized global test proves that we are succeeding.

●  In 2012, BASIS.ed students scored in the top 1% of the world’s schools in reading and math and the top 5% in science, not just outperforming the vast majority of U.S. elite private and public schools, but also top-performing educational “giants” such as Shanghai, Korea and Finland.

Global Comparison
Basis Scottsdale VS. Other Counties 2009 PISA Results


National Achievements



Contact Info:


BASIS Independent Silicon Valley
Address: 1290 Parkmoor Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone number:  (408) 291 0907




The Harker School Introduction

The Harker School is a private, co-educational, non-profit college preparatory school in San Jose, California, United States.

Founded in 1893 as Manzanita Hall by Frank Cramer in Palo Alto, Harker now has four separate campuses: Bucknall, Blackford, Union and Saratoga, named for the streets on which they lie.


Bucknall is the Lower School campus, educating kindergarten through grade 5. The Middle School, grades 6 to 8, is on the Blackford campus, the Upper School, grades 9 to 12, is on the Saratoga campus and the Preschool, Ages 3–5 is on the Union campus.


Upper School: 500 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, California
Middle School: 3800 Blackford Ave., San Jose, California
Lower School: 4300 Bucknall Rd., San Jose, California

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