Looking for Vacant Land in Los Angeles? Here’s a Map of All Vacant Lots in the County

Looking for Vacant Land in Los Angeles? Here’s a Map of All Vacant Lots in the County

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to identify all Los Angeles vacant lots at a glance?

We thought that’s something you might be interested in, so we put together this useful map overlay that shows all tracts of vacant land spread around Los Angeles County, and included a breakdown by county-designated landuse – residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural – to make it even more helpful.


Los Angeles vacant lots map

Designed to meet the needs of developers, investors and home builders alike, our handy Los Angeles Vacant Lots map is the ideal tool for spotting development and investment opportunities in record time.

Zoom in on your area of interest, then cruise the neighborhood for a visual representation of nearby vacant land tracts. To make it easier for you to identify the exact type of Los Angeles vacant land you’re interested in, we’ve included county landuse designations for each of them — simply use the map legend to guide your search.

Once you’ve identified a property that fits your criteria (location, landuse) click on the pin or zoom in to a parcel level and then select the particular parcel; a mini property report will pop up, providing you with valuable ownership data, zoning information, and a summary for that property. The mini report also features a Microsoft Bird’s Eye View link that  allows you to zoom in on the property and get a better idea on the actual state of the vacant land.

Vacant lots map with mini property report

If you are interested in the property, click on the address on the upper side of the mini report and access the full property report, for detailed information. Once on the property report, you can quickly pull out comps for the vacant lot by using the ‘Find Comparables‘ tab in the upper left side of the property search bar.

For additional visual guidance, you can easily apply the overlay to one of our many basic maps and see if there have been any recent sales in the immediate vicinity of your targeted property (a good indicator of price and of general interest for the area), if the property falls under a FEMA Flood Zone, or what’s the current Tax Value per Square Foot for the property.

Recent Sales map with Vacant Lots overlay

Tax Value per Square Foot with Vacant Lots overlay

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