Fifth Wall Ventures

Fifth Wall Ventures

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Fifth Wall Ventures

San Francisco Office
2193 Fillmore Street, San Francisco , CA 94115 
Los Angeles Office
1410 Abbot Kinney Boulevard., Venice, CA 90291


Fifth Wall is a venture capital firm focused on technology solutions for the Built World.

We are connecting the world’s largest owners and operators of real estate with the entrepreneurs and innovators redefining how the world interacts with its physical environment.

The “Built World” is the canvas of human existence, it is where we live, where we work, where we sleep, where we consume, where we move, where we create, where we connect, and where we play.

Built World technology has the potential to transform, optimize, and democratize our physical environment in ways that can help humans thrive. Built World technologies have the power to reimagine the physical spaces that define our lives: making them more accessible, cheaper, healthier, more efficient, more dynamic, personalized, connected, and intimate. New technologies can improve the homes where we raise our families, the offices where we create, the factories where we produce, and the spaces we go to shop, experience, and play.


Focus: Built World Technology

Fifth Wall assets under management: $240 million

Our strategic real estate partners represent:

>$375 billion real estate transactions per year
>600,000 homes built
>1.8 billion square feet of properties developed

85 countries operating in

530+ years combined real estate experience

$640 billion assets under management

7.6 billion square feet owned or managed

13,000 properties owned or managed

17 strategic real estate investors



Fifth Wall fosters collaboration between innovative technologies for the Built World and industry-leading incumbents from all sectors of the real estate industry including: retail, industrial, hospitality, multi-family, homebuilding, office, and brokerage.

Innovation in the Built World presents a staggeringly large opportunity. Despite being the world’s largest industry and largest asset class, real estate has been a late adopter of technology. However, we are entering a supercycle of innovation in the real estate industry as new technologies are dramatically improving how assets are designed, built, managed, bought, sold, financed, and everything in between. New technologies can make our physical environment more energy efficient, more flexible, more accessible, more secure, more connected, better utilized, and healthier. Owners of more than $200 trillion of real estate worldwide are seeking these new technologies, and consumers are demanding them.

Yet despite the vast opportunities for innovation in real estate, new technologies face many headwinds as real estate incumbents have been slow to embrace them and entrepreneurs often struggle to efficiently distribute their solutions. Success or failure hinges on the often unpredictable adoption decisions of a few large real estate incumbents.

Fifth Wall connects entrepreneurs with the largest real estate owners in the world, accelerating innovation and creating value for the entire Built World ecosystem. We aim to identify situations where one or many of Fifth Wall’s strategic real estate partners can dramatically accelerate the growth of a technology company innovating in the Built World. We aim to drive revenue, reduce risk, enhance go-to-market, and accelerate R&D to help our entrepreneurs realize their vision.


Firm History

Founders Brendan Wallace and Brad Greiwe have a unique experience set at the nexus of technology & real estate.

Prior to Fifth Wall, Brendan was the co-founder and CEO of Identified (acquired by Workday) and co-founder of Cabify (the largest ridesharing service in Latin America) . He previously worked in real estate investment banking at Goldman Sachs and in real estate private equity at The Blackstone Group. He has personally invested in more than 60 early stage companies, including Bonobos, Dollar Shave Club, Earnest, Philz Coffee, and Zenefits.

Prior to Fifth Wall, Brad co-founded and served as CTO of Invitation Homes (NYSE: INVH), a Blackstone-backed company which pioneered the use of real estate technologies to value, acquire, rehabilitate, lease, and manage single family rental properties. In less than 3 years, Invitation Homes purchased more than 50,000 homes in 13 major markets becoming the largest single family rental company in the US. He previously worked in real estate investment banking at UBS and in real estate private equity at Tishman Speyer and Starwood Capital.

Brendan and Brad had been two of the most active early-stage investors in real estate technology companies, having made over 20 investments in many of the most successful companies in the category like Clutter, Opendoor, Point, Roofstock, Clara, Tripping, and Common.

In 2014, they both began advising Blackstone’s real estate group on its strategy for adopting new technologies across its significant holdings of office, hospitality, industrial, and residential real estate. In that role, they saw a rare white space in the venture ecosystem: no dedicated venture capital firms focused on this rapidly expanding category of real estate & hospitality technology. At the same time, a number of real estate technology company CEOs had begun to actively pursue strategic investments from large real estate corporates believing that such partnerships could rapidly accelerate their growth and distribution. However, despite entrepreneur’s high interest in strategic/corporate investments, real estate companies were poorly organized to make venture capital bets and lacked the technical expertise to properly e v a luate technologies and structure partnerships.

And so, Fifth Wall was born. Leveraging their deep real estate network, Brendan and Brad divided the industry into its major sub-sectors (brokerage, multi-family, office, hospitality, homebuilding, retail, and industrial) and systematically raised capital from industry-leading corporates in each vertical. After receiving significant investments from CBRE, Equity Residential, Hines, Host Hotels & Resorts, Lennar, Macerich, and Prologis, Fifth Wall was able to offer early stage real estate technology companies an unprecedented scale of distribution across all the major asset classes of real estate.



The physical world is colliding with technology.

Our Mission is to accelerate innovation in the Built World to improve how we live, work, sleep, consume, move, create, connect, and play. We envision a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into the physical spaces around us, creating a shared environment that is more accessible, efficient, and delightful than ever before.



We are a team of strategic investors.


natalie bruss

Natalie Bruss, Partner

Natalie oversees partnerships for LPs and portfolio companies, as well as marketing and brand strategy.

Previously, Natalie was Vice President of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at ID, where she built and ran digital partnerships and strategy for consumer and entertainment brands, and talent.

Natalie started her career as a trend forecaster and connector, bringing together innovators and creating new ecosystems across technology, entertainment, media and consumer brands. She’s been honored as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 under 35, Fast Company’s MCP1000, Variety’s New Leaders, and Forbes 30 Under 30, among many other accolades.

Natalie grew up just outside of Washington, DC in Virginia and lives in Los Angeles. She has worked with a variety of philanthropic organizations including Stand Up To Cancer, JPHRO & Omaze and currently co-chairs the NextGen board of the Motion Picture Television Fund.



Michael New, Analyst


Luke Williams, Analyst


Kate Miller, Analyst


Joe Kim, VP of Finance


Katherine Feigin, Administrative Director


Landon Tucker, Entrepreneur-In-Residence



Our Limited Partners are the largest and most influential owners and operators of real estate in the world. These innovative, industry-leading companies are the largest buyers, partners, and users of technology solutions for the Built World. When they adopt a given technology solution, it often becomes the industry standard. Through Fifth Wall, our strategic LPs are committed to identifying, partnering with, and investing in the next generation of Built World visionaries.

Backed by technology-forward real estate owners from all sectors of the industry.

Fifth Wall partnered with the largest owners of real estate in the world who are also the most innovative adopters of new technologies within their sectors. Our real estate partners often determine which technology solutions become industry-standard. Fifth Wall’s category-leading real estate partners provide unparalleled deal flow, proprietary market intelligence, and unique ability to accelerate the growth of emerging Built World technologies.

  • CBRE
  • Equity Residential
  • Hines
  • Host Hotels & Resorts
  • Lennar
  • Lowe’s
  • Macerich
  • Prologis
  • Rialto
  • Rudin Management



Visionary companies reshaping the built world.

We partner with companies building revolutionary new businesses at the intersection of real estate and technology. Fifth Wall structures transformational partnerships between its strategic real estate partners and these emerging Built World technologies to help them fundamentally reimagine the way humans interact with their physical environment. Fifth Wall helps create unique competitive advantages for our portfolio companies to dramatically accelerate their growth.

  • Appear Here
  • b8ta
  • ClassPass
  • Clutter
  • Notarize
  • Eden
  • Wiredscore
  • Opendoor
  • States Title
  • VTS


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