Outward Bound California

Outward Bound California

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San Francisco, California, United States
Phone: 866-467-7651


Come Join Us. For 50 years and with more than 1 million participants, Outward Bound has been leading the way in outdoor adventure-education for youth and adults. With locations throughout the United States and Internationally and over 500 courses to choose from, your perfect adventure awaits!

Outward Bound programs emphasize personal growth through experience and challenge in the wilderness. Students develop self-reliance, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, compassion, as well as environmental and community stewardship.

An Outward Bound course is different from a summer camp and not your typical adult “vacation.” Outward Bound’s wilderness courses will challenge you, but not beyond your means. We begin most courses assuming you have no previous wilderness experience. But from there, we move through a series of progressively difficult challenges at an appropriate pace for everyone in the group.

Gradually, instructors step back to allow your awakening insights and knowledge to blossom. You try, you learn, you grow. Lead a mountain-peak ascent, captain a boat through zigzagging rapids, and navigate over rough terrain. As you stand chin to chin with every challenge you face, you begin to see them not as fearsome tasks, but as ripe opportunities to embrace the success and wisdom of your decisions, and understand the education in your mistakes.

Completing an Outward Bound course rests on your ability to work effectively as a team member and as an individual. You will learn to communicate, to lead, and to be self-reliant within specialized group activities. And you will solo. Solo, as its name implies, is time alone. It’s a chance to feel your intimate place in nature, to reflect on the teachings before you, and to face, understand and embrace the newfound respect for yourself.

Outward Bound courses are not guided trips. They are real expeditions that cross rugged, beautiful terrain. They require participants to dig deep and discover hidden strength. After your Outward Bound course, you will return home a little tired and dirty, but having gained the knowledge that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. The accomplishment is real and the feeling of success is yours to keep.


Camp Type: Residential Travel Tours Family Adult
Year Established: 1961
Gender: Coed
Age of Campers: 12 to All years old
Cost/Week: $1001.00-$2000.00/wk
Religious Affiliation:
Camp Owner(s):
Outward Bound


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