Ann Arbor台灣同鄉會

Ann Arbor台灣同鄉會

About AATA

Ann Arbor Taiwanese Association (AATA) consists of a group of Taiwanese and Taiwanese American mainly living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. AATA is affiliated with the Taiwanese Association of America (TAA-USA). AATA stands up for the welfare of Taiwanese and Taiwanese-Americans who may have different racial groups and different viewpoints towards religion, politics, and ideology.

Mission Statement

•To promote participations that strengthen the role of local Taiwanese and American Taiwanese in building a healthy and sustainable Ann Arbor community.
•To foster communications and collaboration among local organizations working on timely issues affecting Taiwan and Taiwanese communities.
•To enhance living experience by providing a support network for members and individuals with similar goals.

How to Join Us
Please email to

會 長 President

李 延 志 Andre Lee


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