Top 10 Hawaii Luxury Hotels and Resorts Overview
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We’ve traveled the globe in search of the travel industry’s best, so when we say we’ve discovered a place where scenery defies description, you’d do well to pay attention. The Hawaiian Islands are truly a place where beauty is beyond words; not bad for an island chain formed by centuries of volcanic eruptions. From pineapple plantations and palm trees to vibrant coral reefs and smoke-spouting mountain peaks, Hawaii is home to its share of dazzling displays both above and below the Pacific Ocean’s surface. And tucked among the inspired beauty of this U.S. island chain? None other than the exquisite vacation properties featured on our Top 10 Hawaii Luxury Hotels and Resorts list, of course!

#1 Turtle Bay Resort – Oahu, Hawaii

Some people are quick to ask what’s in a name, but we’re more concerned about what’s behind a number. Like the limitless possibilities for adventure that accompany 880 acres of oceanfront property on Oahu’s North Shore. Or 36 holes of championship Hawaiian golf, where the level of play is surpassed only by the spectacular Oahu scenery that rises up to greet you at every turn. And the five miles of pristine white sand beaches and coconut palms that serve as your own private backyard. We’re no mathematicians but the sum of these parts surely adds up to one unforgettable Hawaiian island vacation at Turtle Bay Resort! That said, sometimes a place is so magical, so enchanting and so completely beyond all expectations that numbers simply can’t do it justice. From oceanfront pools formed by waterfall cascades to Hawaiian pineapple plantations and tropical gardens, Turtle Bay Resort is just such a place!

#2 Mauna Kea Beach Hotel – Kamuela, Hawaii

Perhaps its architect was suffering from a severe case of lovesick puppy-dog syndrome. Maybe the aforementioned Mr. Rockefeller had a special lady of his own to impress. One thing’s for certain: Mauna Kea Beach Hotel was made with lovers in mind. Here, even the spa-quality baths come with a view! If you’re traveling with a special someone in tow, take our humble suggestion. Fill the oversized tub with delicious-smelling bubbles. Toss in a few orchid petals for good measure. Pop the cork on a bottle of imported champagne. Then sink into the luxurious foam and toast to each other. After all, a Hawaiian vacation with a view like this deserves to be celebrated! Somewhere between arrival and departure, your everyday routine was replaced with a laidback island lifestyle that’s nothing short of perfection. Like Mauna Kea Beach Hotel’s luxury suites, appointed with luxurious earth tones and accented with vibrant splashes of tangerine. Balmy ocean breezes and lush, rainforest-like surroundings that transform this Hawaii luxury hotel into your very own oceanfront oasis. And beachfront cabanas that practically invite sunbathing and relaxation, Mai Tais in hand!

#3 The Kahala Hotel & Resort – Hawaii

This Honolulu luxury resort is close to Waikiki Beach’s bronzed bodies and surfer crowd, yet somehow pulls off that coveted feeling of a tropical paradise that’s worlds away. Endless stretches of secluded sand beaches, towering palm trees and breathtaking emerald waters have captivated celebrities and dignities alike with their au natural appeal. Ancient traditions like lei making and hula dancing are reborn with daily lessons, offered in The Kahala Hotel lobby. And Hawaiian Island-themed adventures like whale watching, parasailing and sea kayaking are as much fun as they are absolutely free! The Kahala Hotel’s guestrooms and suites feature neutral color palettes with elegant hibiscus prints and sea grass ceiling fans for just a hint of tropical flair. Best of all, each and every suite is just steps from oceanfront adventures and the bustling crowds at Waikiki Beach. They call these impeccable accommodations “Kahala Chic,” but we deem them “suite” ways to stay on your Hawaiian vacation!

#4 Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa – Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach runs on the crowded side, but you didn’t really expect beauty like this to stay a secret for long, did you? It was here that legendary crooner Bing Crosby first sang the now-famous lines to Sweet Leilani, after all. From the moment this catchy jingle made its movie soundtrack debut on the silver screen, nothing could stop Waikiki Beach from becoming an instant hit on the Hawaii beach scene! Sweet Leilani has long since passed its moment in the spotlight, but Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort puts you front and center for another long-standing tradition. Climb board an outrigger canoe and cruise the same waters once fished by native cultures! Honolulu’s weather – heavy on the sunshine – is nothing short of heavenly. And inside your Waikiki Beach Marriott suite, something equally ethereal awaits. Each beautifully-appointed suite features Marriott’s signature Revive Bedding collection, complete with silky-soft linens and fluffy down comforters that give the feel of sleeping on a cloud!

#5 The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows – Waimea, Hawaii

Now the only real question is which Hawaiian adventure will you pick? SCUBA dive excursions bring you face to face with curious marine life like sea turtles and tropical fish, which poke their heads out of Hawaii’s brightly-colored coral reefs as you glide past. Catamaran rides harness the adventurous spirit of the islands, while granting you front row seats to Hawaii’s magnificent sunsets. Even those whose love of golf is limited to traipsing across the course to please their sweetie will fall wedge over putter for Hawaii’s inspired courses, which somehow manage to enhance the beauty of their native island scenery. Even the most ardent adventurers need a little down time now and then. That’s where Mauna Lani Bay Hotel’s luxurious suites and whimsical bungalows come in. Plushly-appointed beds invite post-exploration cat naps, shuttered windows keep the brilliant Hawaiian sunshine at bay and waterfront bungalows come with their own sleep-inducing soundtrack!

#6 Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa – Lahaina, Hawaii

As the brilliant Hawaiian sun dips below the horizon, the haunting echoes of a conch shell fill the air. A path of lighted torches catch your eye, just in time to see a young native cast his flower lei into the churning surf and follow its lead into the Pacific Ocean’s foamy depths. This breathtaking display is just one small part of Sheraton Maui Resort’s nightly torch lighting and cliff diving ceremony, which pays tribute to Hawaiian culture. Legend has it that warriors once leapt from the imposing black rock to join their ancestors, leaving their spirits to watch over the ones left behind. Today, the legend lives on in the Spa at Black Rock, Sheraton Maui Resort’s exclusive spa. Inspired by its Hawaiian island surroundings, this indulgent Maui spa caters to spa addicts with an inspired menu of healing massages, facials and more.

#7 Hotel Wailea Maui – Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

We could all use a little tropics-inspired transformation from time to time and Hotel Wailea is just what the doctor – er, shaman – ordered. We’re not sure if it was the Japanese influences, a prevalent feature throughout, or the day we spent at the Diamond Spa, but a stay at Hotel Wailea Maui is truly an escape from everyday life. The hotel’s proprietors sought out the most intimate, worlds-away location for their stunning oceanfront accommodations, letting you and your fellow vacationers reap all the rewards for their hard work! And Hotel Wailea Maui’s nostalgic style recalls the trendy surf shacks of yesterday, transporting modern-day guests back to Maui’s simpler times. You could drop some hard-earned cash on an aerial tour of the neighboring isles. Or, you could save yourself a few dollars – and hyperventilating into a paper bag when your fear of heights kicks in – and step out to your private oceanfront lanai, where Hawaiian Island neighbors like Lana’i and Kaho’olawe are all within view.

#8 Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel – Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beachcomber Hotel overlooks the hustle and bustle of Kalakaua Avenue, where night clubs and lively crowds are frequent sights. But there’s an even better party scene going on inside Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber, where the fruity elixirs and tropical cocktails are as colorful as the crowds! Swap out the margarita for a Mai Tai – this is Hawaii, after all – and feel your cares drift away as you sing along to Margaritaville and other vacation-worthy classics. And if your Hawaiian vacation brings you to Honolulu at just the right time, the annual Aloha Festivals are here to ensure the party continues all week long. Waikiki’s streets fill with locals and tourists whose sole purpose is celebrating the island’s diverse past! Oahu is home to its own wonders, from the au natural surf and sands of Waikiki Beach to sites like Pearl Harbor and Iolani Palace that pay tribute to U.S. history and Polynesian cultures. And inside your redesigned Waikiki Beachcomber guestroom or suite, plush furnishings and vibrant colors blend for a luxurious and stylish stay!

#9 Ka’anapali Beach Club – Lahaina, Hawaii

We think Ka’anapali Beach Club is the perfect place to fall in love with the Hawaiian Islands for the first time – or discover each other all over again. Like your love, this volcanic island nation only gets better with age. Mountain peaks give way to lush rainforest terrain. Immaculate white sand beaches trail off into sparkling Pacific Ocean waters. Even the fireworks are au natural, thanks to the smoke and fire spouting ways of two of Maui’s most famous volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. And with a stunning exterior painted a subtle shellfish-pink hue, Ka’anapali Beach Club somehow manages to enhance the already splendid Hawaiian landscape! Sunset casts the entire resort in its rosy glow and serves as your signal to tiptoe hand-in-hand with your sweetie to the seclusion of your Ka’anapali Beach Club cabana. Once there, sink into the plush padding of the massage table and relax as a pair of skilled masseuses gently massage your worldly cares away.

#10 Sheraton Kauai Resort – Koloa, Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Goldfish crackers and a pocket DVD player should keep the little island-goers in check for a few hours. After that, the burden of keeping boredom at bay rests solely on Sheraton Kauai Resort’s metaphorical shoulders. Fortunately, this is one Hawaii resort that’s seriously up to the task! With a crescent-shaped stretch of Poipu Beach sands at the resort’s center, your whole family can boogie board, surf and even snorkel without ever leaving the resort. Unrestricted access to the bounty of the Pacific is a sweet beginning to any Hawaiian family vacation, while Poipu’s only oceanfront luau serves as a fitting – and tasty – end to your stay. Hawaii’s brilliant rays aren’t the only thing worth soaking up. Kauai is chock-full of culture-fueled adventures and Sheraton Kauai Resort’s kids’ discovery program has plenty of ukulele lessons and tide pool exploration to keep the little ones busy while parents explore. There’s even an adult-friendly discovery program of sorts, with whale watching and SCUBA diving excursions for fans of more structured pursuits!

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