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2016年行车记录仪十大品牌质量排行榜; 行车记录仪; 中国企业行车记录仪介绍; 行车记录仪; 中国企业New Home – Radius – Mountain View, CA – 94043New Home – Viewpoint – Mountain View, CA – 94043
The Shanghai Greenland Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Greenland Construction (Group) Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Greenland Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai Greenland Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1959, is the Greenland Group belongs to a large integrated construction, real estate companies, with housing construction general contracting, municipal public works construction, general contracting, construction general contracting smelting, steel engineering contractor, building decoration engineering contractor, electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contracting, furnace engineering contractor qualifications and seven a Class A design of housing construction and other qualifications.

Construction companies involved in large residential areas, senior civil buildings, the central business district, high-grade office buildings, hospitals, schools, stadiums, factories, urban roads, rail transportation, large bridges in various industries and categories, the construction area of ​​major regions throughout the country . In recent years, projects have been built by the company won the Luban, National Quality Engineering Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, Chinese construction steel Gold, China Municipal Engineering Jinbei demonstration project, the National Construction Decoration Award, National Metallurgical Quality Engineering Award, Magnolia Award Tianfu Gold Cup at higher level awards, the company won the National Labor Award, the National Workers Vanguard, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, the national “Health Cup" contest winners enterprises, Shanghai Key project facts meritorious contest Jinbei, Shanghai Civilized units and other honors.

The company constantly improve the level of production and operation, and in 2011 reached ten billion yuan scale based on actively fulfill their social responsibilities, in the earthquake relief, reconstruction of Dujiangyan City, Shanghai World Expo project construction and built a large number of projects for the people of disaster areas to create a better life for organizing a successful, splendid and unforgettable World Expo has made a positive contribution, won the national earthquake relief advanced enterprises and other awards to rebuild their homes, there are many groups and individuals subject to the ACFTU, the two parties HuChuan recognition of political organization. Currently, the company is actively involved in Yuanjiang work and affordable housing projects, as do new contributions to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Actively participate in Shanghai green building development of advanced manufacturing, in fine steel, shipbuilding, automobile, chemical, and other major pillar industries, the construction of a large number of modern, large-scale, large-span industrial buildings. The company is actively involved in planning and Baosteel Zhanjiang steel base.

Green building since 1994, the construction of Shanghai is the first since the Inner Ring Viaduct, has undertaken rail subway station, pedestrian bridges, large bridges, highways and other major municipal construction projects; now under construction in the rail transport Guang Lan Road Station on the 2nd line, is currently the longest span Shanghai subway station. Another is under construction Metro Line Tang Town Station, is the Shanghai deepest subway station.

Companies from the Greenland Group sprint world top 500 enterprises development strategic objectives, look Chinese, take the
national road of development in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming Mountain, Chengdu, Dujiangyan and Mianyang, Jiuzhaigou, Hohhot, Guiyang, Nanchang, Xuzhou, Zhan Jiang, Gansu and other places have left the company builders figure, quality work throughout the north and south. No number of awards witnessed green building solid pace chasing the dream.



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