Top 5 Japanese Restaurants In SoMa – No.4 – Delica – SoMa – 94105 – US

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants In SoMa – No.4 – Delica – SoMa – 94105 – US

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants In SoMa – No.4 – Delica – SoMa – 94105 – US

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1 Ferry Bldg
Shop 45
San Francisco, CA 94111
Neighborhoods: Embarcadero, SoMa

(415) 834-0344

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Health Score: 
98 out of 100
Mon-Sat 10 am – 9:30 pm

Sun 10 am – 6 pm

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Street, Validated


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About Delica
Our Food
DELICA is delighted to introduce our distinctively delicious Japanese cuisine, which is born from a Japanese sensibility merged with California vitality. DELICA comes to California eager to learn from and contribute to the thriving food community in the Bay Area. With a Japanese appreciation for food, life, and the environment, DELICA is dedicated to serving wholesome food that combines Japanese style and flavor with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. 

We not only support local growers, but deliberately source seasonal, non-GMO, organic, and sustainably grown produce. We apply the same mindset to selecting all other ingredients, and only use “naturally raised” meats and seafood without added hormones or antibiotics, as well as “wild harvested” fish whenever it is available. Because of our philosophy, our Menu is subject to change throughout the year.

Our History
The precursor of DELICA IWATA California is the Rock Field Company in Kobe, Japan. The founder, Mr. Kozo Iwata, brought traditional, European-style delicatessens to Japan over thirty years ago and in the process introduced an innovative idea. Over time, the company began selling Sozai, a Japanese meal concept characterized by many small dishes, which introduced a way of eating that is balanced and healthy. In 2004, the Rock Field Company opened a Japanese style delicatessen – DELICA rf-1 – in San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building. Since 2009, the restaurant has been owned and managed by Yasuhiro Iwata.


Mikiko Ando – Executive Sushi Chef

Mikiko was born in Nayoro, Hokkaido, Japan. While studying to become a Sushi Chef for years, she discovered a new form of art. Mikiko has transformed all that she has learned and eventually honed her own unique style of sushi making.
“A dish is more than just a grouping of ingredients for me, it’s a series of elements: color, aroma, texture, and taste and creating recipes from the heart.”

Menu for Delica



Hijiki And Soybean Salad

Hijiki (seaweed rich in calcium, iron, and fiber) mixed with dried soybeans, edamame, konnyaku (mountain potato), daikon, wild mizuna, fried tofu, and kuko (wolfberry) cooked with soy sauce.

Per Lb 15.00

Wasabi Garlic Potato Salad

Garlic potato salad with wasabi mayonnaise, edamame, snap peas, and romaine hearts.

Per Lb 8.00

Spicy Burdock Root Salad

A spicy mix of braised burdock and konnyaku (mountain potato) tossed with thin slices of white onion, celery, julienne carrots, and wild mizuna.

Per Lb 12.00

Spinach And Sesame Salad

Spinach tossed in a traditional ground sesame sauce. non-vegetarian, dashi broth in used in the preparation of this dish.

Per Lb 10.00

Green Beans Salad

Green beans and organic shredded carrots with a traditional sesame dressing.

Per Lb 12.00

Chinese Chicken Salad

Steamed chicken with japanese cucumber, daikon, carrot and celery tossed in a sesame oil, chili and soy dressing.

Per Lb 12.00



Organic Agedashi Tofu Steak

Silken (kinugoshi) firm tofu is lightly dusted with potato starch and then deep fried until golden brown. it’s then served in a hot tentsuyu broth made od dashi, mirin, and sho-yu (japanese soy sauce), and topped with grated daikon.

Each 4.25

Tofu And Chicken Patty With Hijiki

Free-range chicken and organic tofu patty with hijiki seaweed and carrot. served in a sweet soy sauce.

Each 4.25

Roast Beef Sushi

Our original sushi dish with meyer ranch natural, hormone-free beef, topped with baby arugula, minced shallots, and julienne radish, wrapped with nori seaweed. wasabi is included.

Each 2.50

Chicken Dumpling

With sweet chili sauce. ground chicken, organic tofu, water chestnuts and shiitake mushrooms in a sweet chili sauce.

Each 2.00

Sweet And Spicy Chicken

Marinated chicken, lightly fried, served with sweet and spicy sauce.

Each 1.50

Soba Noodle Soup

Traditional japanese soba (buckwheat) noodles served in a dashi broth (dried kombu and bonito flakes) with a kakiage (mixed vegetable tempura with white shrimps). topped with green onions.

Each 8.00

Japanese Style (shrimp) Curry

Fresh white shrimp and seasonal vegetables cooled in our own original curry sauce. served hot over a bed of steamed rice.

Regular 8.50
Large 10.00

Japanese Style (beef) Curry

Hormone-free, grass fed natural beef and other seasonal vegetables in our unique interpretation of a traditional curry. served hot over a bed of steamed rice. beef is from prather ranch meat co. (located in the ferry building).

Regular 8.50
Large 10.00

Organic Tofu Miso Soup

Miso soup with organic tofu and wakame seaweed. topped with green onions.

Cup 2.50
Bowl 5.00

Carrot And Ginger Soup

Organic carrot, fresh ginger, organic onion puree topped with minced parsley.

Bowl 5.50
Cup 3.50

Ginger Beef Bowl

Natural japanese supreme ground kobe beef and ginger served with shredded egg and steamed rice. topped with green onion.

Each 8.75

Salmon And Sesame Rice Ball

Cured and roasted wild salmon mixed with sesame seeds and steamed rice.

Each 2.00

Delica Combination Sushi Rolls

A vegetable medley (napa cabbage, white onion, baby spinach, bell peppers), sushi rice, wasabi mayonnaise, nori seaweed wrapped in rice paper with a combination of wild smoked salmon and cucumber or shrimp cake.

Two 8.50

Organic Vegetable Sushi Rolls

Fresh, organic vegetables (japanese cucumber, hass avocado, carrot, and micro red shiso leaves) with sushi rice, wasabi mayonnaise, nori seaweed wrapped in rice paper.

Two 8.50



4 Items Bento

1 fried, 2 salads, rice.

  • 9.75

5 Items Bento

3 salads, half cut shrimp cake, chicken dumpling.

  • 9.75

9 Items Bento

5 salads, 3 salmon roles, chicken dumpling.

  • 11.00

Fried Items



A mixture of shredded vegetables (burdock, carrots, onions, and edamame) and white shrimp in a tempura batter.

Each 4.00

Fried Shrimp Cake

Made with white shrimp and coated in our freshly made panko breadcrumbs. served with your choice of our tomato or tartar sauce.

Each 4.00

Potato Croquette

Delicately fried russet and yukon gold potato and sauteed onion croquette.

Each 1.75

Pork Cutlet (tonkatsu)

Pork tenderloin cutlet topped with house-made tonkatsu sauce.

Each 1.50



Cream Puff

Organic flour, sugar, organic milk, organic egg, vanilla bean.

Each 2.50



Calistoga Spring Water

Each 1.50

Sparkling Water

Each 1.75

Japanese Cold Teas


Japanese Hot Teas



Green tea with brown rice

  • 2.25


Roasted green tea

  • 2.25

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