San Francisco – 94123 – Marina, Cow Hollow – CA – 2/23

San Francisco – 94123 – Marina, Cow Hollow – CA – 2/23

San Francisco – 94123 – Marina, Cow Hollow – CA – 2/23

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City: San Francisco, CA
County: San Francisco County, CA

Estimated zip code population in 2011: 22,350
Zip code population in 2010: 23,088
Zip code population in 2000: 22,903

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The history of this neighborhood is fascinating. For years, this area was just marsh or swamp land. However, it was selected as the site for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. Shortly after its selection, they built up the land to create a large area for the exposition. They built several large, but temporary buildings in the neighborhood.

Crissy Field: Soak In The Views Along The Waterfront images

Along the northern side of the San Francisco Marina is Crissy Field. Here you will find one of the largest beaches in San Francisco. You will also find a running/walking trail and a large grassy area that is perfect for a game of football or to throw around a frisbee with friends. This is also where you can find some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito.

Fort Mason Center: Enjoy Local Festivals & Other Events Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California

Fort Mason is old army base in San Francisco. In 1977, they remodeled the old buildings for large events. Fort Mason now holds some of the largest festivals and events in the city of San Francisco. They host international events such as the annual San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. They also hold local events such as OctoberFest and the Annual Public Library Book Sale. There is something fun and interesting almost every weekend at the Fort Mason Center.

Fort Point: Discover This Little Known, Important Historical Site pic 2


Fort Point is another old army base along the shores of the San Francisco Bay. This one is important due to its location right under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s also one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco. This free site is a must see for history buffs — especially those that love military history.

Golden Gate Bridge: Stroll Along One of the Most Famous Attractions pic 3


The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most visited San Francisco attractions. You can walk, bike or drive over this infamous bridge. You will find ‘look out’ points on both the northern and southern sides of the bridge for that picture perfect view.