Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 –  Merrol Hyde Magnet School – Newsweek – 84/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 – Merrol Hyde Magnet School – Newsweek – 84/100

Top 100 Best High Schools 2013 –  Merrol Hyde Magnet School – Newsweek – 84/100


Merrol Hyde Magnet School            
City: Hendersonville

School Classification: M, S
Grad Rate(%):100                    

AP/IB Tests:0.5
College Bound(%):100
AVG SAT: 1950
AVG ACT: 28.8
AVG AP SCORE:4.1    

128 Township Dr, Hendersonville, TN 37075, United States


Merrol Hyde Magnet School (MHMS) is a K–12 school in Hendersonville, Tennessee adhering to the Paideia philosophy. It is the only magnet school in Sumner County.

MHMS was established in 2003 on the former campus of Knox Doss Middle School, next to Hendersonville Medical Center. The school served grades 5–9 in its first school year. The second school year, 2004–05, the school had students in grades K–10 with the addition of a new elementary wing. The 2005–06 school year served grades K–11. The 2006–07 school year brought the first ever graduating class of MHMS. There were 57 college-bound graduates in the class of 2007.

In order to be admitted into Merrol Hyde Magnet School, one must meet strict selection criteria. Once an application is submitted, the prospective student is administered a standardized test. In order to gain entry into the school, the student must score in at least the 85th percentile. There are waiting lists for most every grade in the school.

Sports include soccer, football (middle school only – Varsity joins with Station Camp High School),archery, basketball, baseball, swimming, volleyball, track, cross country, bowling, cheerleading, dance team, archery, golf, and walking. Each student 7-12 grade is required to participate in a sport each year.