Alexa’s skill for Email

Alexa’s skill for Email

Astrobot – Email Assistant


Astrobot Alexa email skill helps you manage your Gmail or Office 365 email from your Alexa-enabled device.
Astrobot immediately tells you how many new priority emails you have and helps you read, reply to, and Manage your inbox.

1. Select “Enable” to link your Amazon account, you’ll be taken to an Amazon authorization page.
2. Next, you’ll be asked to add a Gmail or Office 365 account.
3. Now you can start using The Astrobot Alexa email skill. Say “Alexa, Open Astrobot.” Then, say “Read Priority Inbox” to hear your most important emails.
If you have questions about Privacy and Security before signing up, please check out the Astro FAQ page: http ://

Catch up on only your most important emails. Astrobot uses AI to categorize your emails into Priority Inbox, which includ es emails from people you interact with frequently. By asking Alexa to only read emails from Priority Inbox, you’ll Avoid having messages like email newsletters read to you.
You can also ask Alexa to read you just your Starred emails, or your Other Inbox. Other Inbox includ es all of your emails that didn’t make it into Priority Inbox.

Get through your inbox quickly, with commands for Snooze, Delete, Archive, Star, Next, and Repeat. Once Alexa starts reading an email, say a relevant command to triage the message.
Say Alexa will always read you the latest message in each email thread. The Astrobot Alexa email skill doesn’t currently support reading all messages in an email thread.

Astrobot can help you respond quickly to emails. Say a short phrase from the list of Quick Replies, and Astrobot will confirm the response and send an email. , if you say “running late”, Astrobot will respond with a slightly more polite and longer answer, “Sorry, I’m running a little late. Be there shortly.”
Quick Replies: “Yes”, “Sounds good”, ” No”, “Thanks”, “Out of the office”, “On my way”, “Running late”, “Running 15 mins late”, “End of Day”, “Back to you”
Astrobot currently only offers reply all and Doesn’t support custom replies, but please let us know at if you have requests for Quick Replies.

Astro Technology, at The Creator of Astrobot, IS Developing Intelligent, MODERN Email Apps for Gmail and Office 365. The Astro’s Email Apps Help you Focus ON the What’s MOST Important.
At The Astrobot Alexa Email skill Works Best the when you are a using Astro’s Email Apps for Mac , iPhone, iPad, or Android, since Astrobot learns how you prioritize emails. But, you can use the Astrobot Alexa skill without Astro’s email apps as long as you have a Gmail or Office 365 email address.

Notion – Talk to your Email


The Notion skill for Alexa lets you talk to your email!
Start by connecting your Gmail or Google apps email address to the Notion skill on your Alexa. Then you can use the Notion mobile app on Android (on Play store) or iOS (on iOS App store) to enable any of your other email addresses. Go to to learn more about how the Notion skill for Alexa works.
This skill is SO much more than just reading all of the messages in your inbox!
See it in action here…

Focused Inbox:
Notion’s intelligence layer on your email automatically focuses on the messages most important to you. Now you can use Alexa effectively to stay on top of your inbox without being overwhelmed. As you go through your important message list, you can “Read” , “Respond”, “Archive”, “Delete”, and even “Snooze” each message.

Waiting Questions:
You can even ask Alexa “what is waiting.” Notion protest messages you need to respond to and pull pulls out questions in them for you. Just ask Notion to “Respond [with your message]” to get them off your list .

Clean your Inbox:
If you’ve got some extra hands-free time on your hands (pealing potatoes tonight?), ask Notion to “clean your inbox.” Notion will cycle through your list of less important emails so you can “Read” , “Archive” or “Delete” them.

Get the Whole Story:
If you need a little more information about a sender, ask Notion “who introduced us?” Notion will reveal how you met the sender from your email’s perspective. How cool is that?
When you are curious about how your network Is growing, try asking Notion “who have I recently met?” Notion will tell you about your most recent new connections and provide details about them.

Add some Security:
Are you worried who might walk up and ask Alexa about your email? Add a security pin. Just ask Notion to “Lock my inbox” and enter a pin until your ready to use the skill again.