Alexa can now search for mortgages


Amazon virtual assistant Alexa can now search for mortgages and brokers following a tie-up with Mortgage Brain’s data.

Mortgage Brain says Amazon’s Alexa boxes can now ask consumers a few questions and then search through more than 10,000 loans to find suitable products.

Consumers can also give Alexa a postcode and be told the name and phone number of nearby mortgage brokers.

If customers also have the Alexa app they can be sent a summary of the top fixed, variable and tracker mortgage results. A list of brokers can also be sent to the app.

Mortgage Brain chief executive Mark Lofthouse says: “We’re incredibly excited and very proud to announce the launch of the first ever UK Mortgage Skill on Amazon’s Echo devices.

“This launch is part of a much bigger picture and strategy. It is the start of a consumer’s digital mortgage experience and, after this initial introduction, they can complete a fact find online and securely exchange documents and messages through The Key, our CRM system’s Client Portal.”

Consumers can use the new function by saying “Alexa… open UKMortgages”.

UKMortgages is Mortgage Brain’s lead generation app.