百大连锁店-Rank no.493 – 新移民致富之路

百大连锁店-Rank no.493 – 新移民致富之路

Rank no.493 – Home Video Studio – US



Products & Services: Video production & post-production services

Number of Locations: 72

Total Investment: $69.05K – 97.3K

Founded: 1991

Began Franchising: 2006

About Home Video Studio

Robert Hanley started his own film company in 1982. He produced commercials, training videos, and other projects for large companies, ad agencies and government organizations, but was still struggling financially. So in 1991, Hanley took his years of experience and started a video studio out of a spare bedroom in his home, focusing on more profitable areas of the video business such as editing, photo keepsakes, and duplication. Hanley began offer Home Video Studio franchises in 2006. Franchisees offer services such as video editing and production, film and video transfer to DVD or computer, videography and more.


Where Seeking Franchisees: Franchisor is seeking new franchise units in the U.S.,Australia/New Zealand, Canada, South America, Western Europe.
Startup Costs, Ongoing Fees and Financing

Total Investment: $69,050 – $97,300
Franchise Fee: $25,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 7%
Term of Franchise Agreement: Term of agreement renewable
Net Worth: $75,000
Liquid Cash Available: $40,000
Franchise can be run from home. Absentee ownership of franchise is NOT allowed..

Franchise Ranking History

Franchise 500®: #493 (2013), #277 (2012), #273 (2011), #415 (2009),
Top New: #15 (2011), #34 (2009),
Top Home-Based: #83 (2012), #84 (2011),

Everyone at Home Video smiles! It’s a happy business with happy people. Home Video Studio is chock-full of people just like you who decided to turn their passion into their profession. They chose to invest in themselves, take control of their lives and be their own boss in the fun and creative environment of video production services. They became Producer/Director/Editors and you can too. That’s why they smile. That’s why you’ll be smiling.

If you like computers, technology, movies, film, pictures, Hollywood, TV, cameras, video, family history and even just the idea of working from your home or a Studio Store, then this could be the perfect business for you. You don’t have to be a techie, a video junkie, a sales person or any of that. You only have to have a strong desire to learn our system, to own your own business and to work hard.

Enjoy your life. Stay home with family. Be Your Own Boss!

Home Video Studio is the largest video production services company in North America. Long ago we recognized a strong need for video and media services for consumers, organizations, and businesses. We are the market leader and the marketplace is exploding exponentially. The future is here. We invite you and your family to live the Home Video Studio lifestyle!
On June 14, 1991 I made a very important decision. On that day, I decided to start focusing on making money in the video business — only money. I wouldn’t be out to save the world or create blockbuster movies. I would focus only on making money with video.

I had a passion for movies and film that went back to the late 1960’s and 1970’s. In college, I took a class on the great movie directors: Stanley Kubrick, Orson Wells and John Ford to name a few. One night, I went out with some friends and saw Star Wars. The theater was packed. That movie changed my life. I decided that night that I wanted to make movies and films my life.

I did become a Producer/Director/Editor shooting all kinds of TV commercials, corporate films and videos including an independent feature film which I wrote, produced and directed. I honed my craft throughout the 1980s; however, by 1991 I was a starving artist.

Our financial affairs were in a shambles. My wife, Denise and I had just come through some very difficult times. We had two small children. I was a stay-at-home Dad. Denise who is an RN, was working full-time at an Indianapolis hospital and bringing home the bacon.

Call it luck, synchronicity, timing, fate, the hand of God (and factor in the power of prayer) something wonderful happened during the summer of 1991. I started a home-based video studio in a small, upstairs bedroom and that business took off. Denise and I were determined to rebuild our lives and our family fortune, and over the next few years we did just that.

Within a short period, what had begun as simply a video duplicating service for businesses and consumers grew into an outstanding home-based video production and post-production services company.

Naturally, people started asking how I got into this business and how they too could start their own home-based video business. I began to realize that I had developed a unique and extraordinary business that could be duplicated (no pun intended). I had a system that worked. I began to develop a plan that others could follow. A passion for film and video would soon develop into a passion for helping others to start and run their own studios.

There’s no question that American business has changed. So many companies and corporations are closing, merging and laying off. More and more people are searching for respectable, meaningful and profitable businesses they can run from their homes or a store front. They want more control of their lives and their lifestyles. That’s precisely what Home Video Studio offers: complete control without all of the headaches of working for someone else. You and only you determine your daily schedule, your hours of work and play, and ultimately … the amount of money you make. Home Video Studio is a Lifestyle business.

Over the past 21 years, we’ve developed this incredibly “cool” business that we call Home Video Studio. During the 2000’s our success and relevance has grown even more and in fact, exploded with the huge exponential rise in the creation of content thanks to the proliferation of digital video and still cameras, computers, iPads, smart phones, iPhones, etc. Entrepreneur Magazine has named Home Video Studio the “Number One Video and Photography” franchise for each of the last two years – 2011 & 2012.

The American Dream is alive and well at Home Video Studio. If you think our business and lifestyle might fit yours, I urge you to request an information packet and to give us a call. Let’s make movies your business as well as ours. We look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Hanley
CEO & Founder Home Video Studio
Home Video Studio Franchise Owners Are Modifiers, Changers and Creators of Content – “Video Services for Everyone”®
There is no one like us in the video services business. Home Video Studio’s time-tested profit centers allow you to step into a market that other companies cannot or do not serve. You can work for one individual family, for their school and church. You can work for their friends and everyone that they know and they know. You can work for every school and church in the area. You can work for the biggest company in town or just one individual consumer because everyone uses our product. Everybody has content! Who is your customer? Anyone and Everyone!

A Robust Heritage…
We just didn’t arrive to the party, our roots are deep and date back to the 1970‘s. Home Video Studio has over thirty years of experience in the video and film production services market place. We understand the industry and know our customers and the products they need and want.

An Eclectic Menu
Every Studio does our core profit centers and then specializes in the type of work they love or grow to love. Some of our specialities include but are not limited to: Sports, Corporate, Post Production, Weddings, Events, History, Documentaries, Production, Arts, Savers of the Family Archives and Family Content Creation.
27 Profit Centers
Video Editing
Home Movie Transfer – 8mm & 16mm Film
DVD & CD Duplication
Videotapes to DVD Transfer
Photo Video Keepsakes™
Video Production
Video Tape Repair
International Conversions
35mm Slide Transfers
Audio Tape to CD/File Conversion
Video Prints – Photos From Your Videos
Legal Video Services
This is your LifeTIME Video!
Memorial Videos
Sports Scholarship Videos
Sports Highlights Videos
Arts, Music & Entertainment Demo Videos
Pop up People™ – Green Screen Videography
Webisodes – Video for the Net!
Video Lifestories™ – Everyone has a Story to Tell
DVD Authoring™
Documentary Style Corporate Image Videos
High Concept Videos™
Wedding & Event Videography
Savers of the Family Archives™
Video to File Conversion
Company Promos

We stick with you for the entire production with continuing education throughout the year.
Monday Conference Call – Marketing and getting business
Friday Conference Call – Robert Hanley, CEO hosts this call
HVS AfterDARK – An interactive webinar held monthly
HVS 101 – Seasonal webinars for brand new owners
The HVS Daily Dashboard – Helps you manage your business.
Home Video Studio’s proprietary O.T.I.S. – Customer & job management & tracking
Home Video Studio’s newsletter Outtakes is published monthly and sent to your customer database automatically.

Source: http://www.myhomevideostudio.com