Why Google Glass Failed

Why Google Glass Failed

Why Google Glass Failed


When Google GOOGL +0.26% announced that they had invented a device that put a computer in front of your eye, the world collectively gasped. Google Glass was, and is, a stunning technological accomplishment.

From the moment the actual product was revealed many saw the immense potential of it. You could video anything you are seeing. You could have a map in front of you wherever you walked. You could have a computer and the internet ready at a moment’s notice, taking your experience of life to a whole new level.

But what happened to Google Glass?

In the last 2 weeks Google has let it be known that they’re taking it back to the lab. The product, at least in its current incarnation, is over.

It was worse than simply a product that didn’t catch on, even in its prerelease, from a sales point of view it has been a monumental failure.

The question is why?

Why weren’t there long lines of people ready to fork out around $1500 to get this amazing device?
The answers are simple. And any of us wanting to sell our own products successfully should heed the important marketing lessons Google Glass’s failure teaches.