Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Give – 11/20

Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Give – 11/20

Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites – Give – 11/20


This is a WordPress plugin you can add to your own WordPress blog and use to collect donations from visitors. And unlike every other crowdfunding platform I reviewed, Give does not take any fees based on what you raise. They make their money selling premium add-ons to their system.

Our Story

At GiveGab, we all come to work each day with a shared goal; to make the lives of nonprofit professionals easier. Everything we set out to do is with the intent to remove as many barriers to fulfilling your important mission as possible.

In 2011, we began as a social platform to help nonprofits and volunteers connect. After working closely with nonprofits for three years, we realized that people were looking for new innovative ways to acquire supporters and engage them effectively to align with their mission. A crucial piece to fulfilling this synergistic relationship is through fundraising.

Inspired by the requests and suggestions of our friends within the nonprofit sector, we have since adapted and evolved to be the ultimate giving and engagement platform for nonprofits by providing tools for online fundraising, supporter engagement, donor management, and so much more – all in one place. Thus our name, GiveGab, represents two of the most important aspects of running a nonprofit organization: 1. Giving (time, skills, gifts, donations) and 2. Gabbing (engagement, sharing, building relationships).

Not only do we strive to make the lives of our nonprofit customers easier, but we want to make you happier, too! We’ve established the best customer success team in the industry who works closely with the product team to be there for you every step of the way and solve problems quickly. The Result? An affordable, easy-to-use, secure, attractive, and customized way to engage with your supporters, raise funds online, and manage your data, all with superior customer care that ensures your happiness and success!