Smart City Traffic 2

Smart City Traffic 2

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT: World’s first international smart road nearing launch in Europe

Project success in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria could bring other countries onboard. 

Researchers in Europe are preparing to propel the global intelligent transportation system (ITS) market forward with the world’s first smart road to span three countries. If the project proves a success, other European countries may add their own segments to the international highway.

The smart road, known as the Cooperative ITS Corridor, is a joint effort between scientists in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria that will connect Rotterdam and Vienna via Frankfurt and Munich. Kicked off in 2013, the project will be the first attempt to coordinate ITS standards of multiple countries. A variety of technologies will be employed to alert drivers of roadway obstacles well ahead of a trouble spot, including sensors, short- and long-distance transmitters and in-car equipment.

The transmitters will make use of an IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.11p frequency band similar to wi-fi to facilitate communication between vehicles and the roadway.

One of the major tasks still remaining before opening the corridor is how many coordinating stations will be needed and where to locate them. The issue goes back to the differing regulations and standards between countries and how to implement across national borders while protecting communication frequencies.