Unicorns 49/229 – Wanda e-commerce

Unicorns 49/229 – Wanda e-commerce


Founders: Wang Jianlin
Key people: Wang Jianlin (Chairman), Dīng Běnxī (丁本锡) (President)
Number of employees: 130,000

Wanda Group (simplified Chinese: 万达集团; traditional Chinese: 萬達集團; pinyin: Wàndá Jítuán), or Dalian Wanda (Chinese: 大连万达), is a Chinese multinational conglomerate corporation and the world’s biggest private property developer and owner and the world’s largest cinema chain operator, owning Wanda Cinemas and the Hoyts Group, as well as a majority share of AMC Theatres.

The company operates in four major industries—commercial property, luxury hotels, culture, Internet, finance, tourism, and department stores. It was established in Dalian, Liaoning and is now headquartered in Beijing. It ranked 385th on the Fortune Global 500 List in 2015. In 2016 its assets amounted to 796.2 billion yuan with operating revenue of 255 billion yuan.Wanda Cultural Industry Group is China’s largest cultural enterprise, with annual revenue of 64.1 billion yuan in 2016.


The company was founded in Dalian, Liaoning, in 1988 as a residential real estate company by Wang Jianlin. Incorporated in 1992, the company was “one of the first shareholding companies in the PRC” after the economic reform.