Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 29/114

Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 29/114

Laura Froelich
Data Scientist, Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company

Laura Froelich is a data scientist at Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company, where she is dedicated to utilising data to discover patterns and underlying structure to enable optimisation of businesses and processes. Amongst other methods, she leverages deep learning techniques to unveil such patterns. Previously, Laura was part of a research group investigating nonspecific effects of vaccines using survival analysis methods. Laura holds a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark entitled “Decomposition and Classification of Electroencephalography Data” in which Laura used unsupervised decomposition and supervised classification methods to research brain activity and developed rigorous, interpretable approaches to classifying tensor data.



1:30 pm-5:00pm Monday, September 18, 2017

Training vision models with public transportation datasets

Verticals and applications

Location: Yosemite A

Level: Intermediate

Secondary topics: Data and training, Transportation and africa

Mo Patel (Think Big Analytics), Laura Froelich (Think Big Analytics, A Teradata Company)

Computer vision is a key component in the artificial intelligence revolution. Assisted by deep learning, object detection enables automotive applications to make key navigation, guidance, and rolling decisions to avoid collisions and navigation errors. Ron Bodkin and Mo Patel demonstrate how to train deep learning models for object detection using participants available transportation datasets.