Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 32/114

Artificial Intelligence Conference San Francisco 32/114

Aaron Goldstein
Practice Director, Incident Response and Forensics, Cylance

Aaron Gold is the practice director for incident response and forensics at Cylance, where he leverages his unique experience in complex, large-scale breaches to prevent technical solutions to secure environments of all sizes. Aaron has over 9 years’ experience in incident response and digital forensics investigations, during which he has responded to several high-profile investigations and led over 150 security engagements, ranging from incident response to creating and customizing full-scale training exercises. He is highly skilled in translating difficult topics into easy to understand training sessions on the ever-growing challenge of securing systems. Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and several industry certifications, including GREM, GCFA, GCIH, and CISSP.



11:05 am-11: 45am Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Incident response evolved: How AI is revolutionizing how we combat cyberthreats

Impact on business and society

Location: Yosemite A

Level: Intermediate

Secondary topics: Security, Technical best practices

Aaron Goldstein (Cylance)

The current threat landscape is in a state of evolution that poses a significant risk for organizations’ assets, reputations, and identities. Aaron Goldstein explores new and existing threats (and why traditional defenses fail to address them) and explain howuelaging AI techniques can improve the speed and efficiency of incident response tactics, even when combating the toughest threat actors