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澳洲女网购苹果手机 收到两颗真苹果(搜狐网)

An Australian woman who paid £800 for two new Apple iPhones lost her money when she opened the boxes – and found two real green apples inside.


The 21-year-old Brisbane woman had placed an advertisement in an online buy-and-sell site saying she was looking to purchase a number of iPhones.


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Police in the Queensland town of Upper Mt Gravatt, near Brisbane, said that not long after the advert was placed in the Gumtree site a woman called and said she had two Apples for sale.

昆士兰Upper Mt Gravatt 小镇上的警方表示,广告发布在这个叫Gumtree的网站后,一名女子打电话过来声称自己有两部苹果手机要出售。

Senior Constable Jess Hopkin of the Upper Mt Gravatt Crime Prevention Unit said the two women arranged to meet at a McDonald’s outlet, where the transaction took place.

Upper Mt Gravatt预防犯罪机构的高级警员杰西-霍普金说,这两名女子安排在麦当劳会面进行交易。

The purchaser handed over $1500, the equivalent of £800, and was given two new iPhone boxes in return, the Quest community newspaper of Queensland reported today. Her mistake was to not look inside.


On returning home the young woman opened the boxes and found to her horror that they contained real apples.


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Senior Constable Hopkin warned people to be wary when they buy anything online.’If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. It’s really just common sense.’ she said.


Commentators writing on an online site weren’t letting the buyer off the hook with their criticism.


‘I don’t know anyone that would hand over $1500 to a stranger without checking the item,’ wrote one man. ‘Besides, you can buy a brand new iPhone5 for $700. So if this is a true story then I’m sorry but she deserved it!’


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